What We Do – Content Inventory and Cleansing

Content growth can be as much as 20 percent year over year, leading to spiraling, uncontrolled data silos. Over-retention of sensitive data, records, or other information can also increase the risk of a data breach. Content cleanup and disposition helps organizations dramatically improve the management and governance of their information, and support key initiatives including Open Government, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation!

MetaData Solutions and Active Navigation can help you meet the following goals and use cases:

  • Install Active Navigation Discovery Center securely in your network
  • Index your file shares (and optional legacy repositories, like RDIMS)¬†
  • Identify your sensitive data
  • Provide process documentation and guidance so your IM/IT staff can adopt it

Based on other client engagements you could realize the following benefits:

  • Reduction in storage costs
  • Significantly reduced in labour efforts to indexing and cleaning content: many clients have reported at least a 10x reduction in the time taken¬†
  • Identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT)
  • Identify – and protect! – unsecured sensitive data
  • Identify official records
  • Allow your IM/IT staff to adopt the process and software

How to reach us

Phone: 613-899-5806
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